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Be aware that using the URL or web address in your content may cause issues for impaired users, as screen readers will read each letter of the URL individually. This may be no real issue it the URL is short, like but if the URL is more complex like , a visually impaired user may experience some frustrations sitting through such a long web address. If you absolutely must use a URL, decrease the length using a URL shortener, such as Don’t use random characters to separate links.

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Use headings properly. When using headings on your site confirm that you are not skipping headings. For example, don’t use a H1 heading and then go to a H3 heading. If at all possible, do not add PDF’s to your website. For example, if you have a PDF of your menu on your site, create a page for the menu and type it out instead. If adding PDF’s to your website is necessary, make sure that your PDF is accessible through Adobe. Confirm that color is not the only way of conveying information. For example, if you highlight something in red because it is important, also write out that is important.

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The content on your website should be simple and easy to read so a wide variety of users can enjoy your copy. For any text on your website, be sure to avoid elements that flash more than three times per second as they can cause seizures for some users. Do not use tables on your website unless necessary. When you must use a table to organize data, be sure to indicate the heading row, as this will help assistive technologies, such as screen readers, read the information in a meaningful way—not just as a string of numbers or words.

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